Black Chicken Soup

This recipe is from a classmate in college, Cristina Kho, she posts photos of delicious food she cooks for her family in FB. I  was intrigued by this dish, it was the first time I actually heard of it and I was curious to find out what it taste like so I asked her if she could give me a recipe for it and she was gracious enough to give it to me plus a permission to post it here too..yay!.

This is a very simple dish with only a few ingredients, chicken, some noodles and sibut/sibot.  Cristina told me when I asked her what a sibut is, that  it was  Chinese medicinal herbs, she said it’s commonly used in Chinese restaurants, she advised me to smell it first before to see if I will like it as it has a very strong scent. I let my husband decide.. he liked it, I liked it too so I bought two packets and tried it.

This soup  originated in China and is traditionally made with black chicken (hence the name), simmered for a long time until it is tender; black chicken meat is tougher than that of regular chicken but it’s said to have medicinal properties.  This soup is actually a tonic that invigorates both mind and body and helps in faster healing and recuperation from any illnesses. 

Black chicken is not common here in the Philippines, in fact  I haven’t seen  black chicken being sold in the market anywhere in my whole life..ever, at least not where I live now or used to live before but then again, I don’t go out much or go to wet markets, there may be some black chickens available, I’m just not aware of  it.   I wonder what it tastes like….

my first black chicken soup  :).

The recipe that Tin gave me is pretty simple, very easy in fact:  Just boil a pack of sibot in a pot of water, add the chicken pieces, season it and add miswa (optional) and voila..yummy, invigorating soup. I did exactly that, I used about a kilo of chicken for a pack of sibut and I was happy with the result even though I think I may have added too much water (8 cups..oops) so I made it again ..but this time, I decided to saute the chicken pieces first, like what I do with another fave chicken soup, tinola, it makes it more flavorful that way in my opinion and I also added onion, ginger, carrots, bihon instead of miswa ( I used vermicelli the first time) and parsley, and added much less water of course. :)


Here’s what a pack of sibot contains: wolfberries, and…err, I don’t know what the other herbs are  I this is the first packet  that I tried


and here’s the second one, a different brand..this one has more wolfberries

Here’s how I cooked Black Chicken Soup ( the second time):

I sauteed the chicken  first until it’s lightly browned..pretty crowded eh?!


I added the onion, ginger, sibot, carrots and about 5 cups of water..boil and reduce heat to simmer.
..add parsley last, then season to taste..

..and serve, garnish with more parsley

recipe courtesy of Cristina Kho-Wong

bone-in chicken pieces ( I used  about a kilo – 4 thighs and 3 legs)
1 pack sibot
salt and pepper to taste
miswa; I used bihon and sotanghon (vermicelli)

optional ingredients: ( my twist on the recipe)
1 red medium red onion, quartered
1 knob ginger root, peeled and crushed ( to release flavor)
1 medium carrot, sliced into chunks
patis (fish sauce)
parsley, flat leaf or curly
EVOO ( extra-virgin olive oil) for sauteeing

Tin’s Directions:
Boil water in a soup pot, then add the pack of sibut, after 5-10 mins, add the chicken, wait for chicken to soften then add salt and pepper to taste. As easy as 123.. when the chicken soup is cooked, you may want to add cooked misua in the soup.

note:  I par-boiled the chicken first for a clearer soup, I learned this when I did the Pho Ga challenge for the Daring Cooks – Olive :)

Another way to cook  Black Chicken Soup: ( my twist)

Heat a tablespoon of EVOO in a pot and saute chticken pieces, season with a little salt and pepper, cook until lightly browned.  Add ginger and onion, cook for about a minute then add about 5 cups of water.  Bring to a boil then add one packet of sibut and carrots.  Simmer for about half an hour, season with fish sauce ( optional) , salt and pepper to taste.  Add a bunch of parsley leaves towards the end, cover the pot and turn off the heat to cook the parsley (about a minute).  Serve, garnish with more parsley if you want.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!! ♥  :)

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