Japanese Cotton Cake

I love cakes especially simple ones that doesn’t need any icing  and goes well with  tea or coffee.   When I saw this cake on Jeannie’s blog , I just knew that I’m going to like it.  This cake is so light and fluffy and has a creamy taste;  I have to warn you though, i’ts quite addictive, if you’re not careful you might not notice that you have already ate more than you should have and that can easily happen especially while reading a good book or enjoying a really good movie. 

If I’m not mistaken I think this is also called Japanese cheesecake; it’s so different from American and European cheesecake that I’m  used too, this one is like one of my childhood favorites- mamon ( a very light and airy cake that I love to buy from Goldilocks Bakeshop, it’s a local Filipino Bakeshop, they have branches abroad too) –  a chiffon cake.

The name got it right..cotton cake, it’s really like cotton- it’s fluffy and soft; when you bite into it, you get a  creamy soft cake that melts in your mouth.. thanks to the addition of creamcheese, without it, this is a just a chiffon cake-not that I don’t like chiffon cake..I’m just saying this is better than chiffon cake in my opinion. 🙂

why don’t  you try it too to see what I mean.. 

 these mini cakes are awesome (even though it did not fully rise as it should, that’s my bad; the recipe is great!)…

soft, fluffy and not too sweet, my kind of cake…


250g cream cheese
80 ml corn oil or canola oil
120 ml milk
60 grams corn flour (cornstarch),sifted
80 grams caster sugar
6 eggs (separate yolks and whites)
40 ml lemon juice
120 grams caster sugar


1. First preheat oven at 150 degree C and put a tray of water below the level where you want to put the cakes.

2.  Melt cheese with milk and oil in a double boiler, whisking until you get a smooth batter.

3.  Beat egg yolks and the 80g of sugar until smooth and add lemon juice. Slowly add creamcheese to the mixture mixture. Add corn flour using the lowest level of speed on the mixer until well combined.

4.  Next beat up egg whites on high speed and add spoonfuls of the 120g castor sugar until you get a firm peak of the egg white.

5.  Add 1/3 of the eggwhite batter into the cheese mixture and gently fold until combined. Repeat with another 1/3 until all is used up.

6.  Scoop into cupcakes papercups or use muffin cups like me as I have ran out of cupcakes papercups. Fill batter almost to the brim.

7.  Bake the cakes for 50 to 55 minutes (depending on the size of your cups) or until the cakes are nicely browned.

8. Remove from oven, take a few pictures for posting in blog if you like, and then dig in! ( that’s just what I did, Jeannie 🙂

Thanks for reading..have a good weekend! 🙂 ♥

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