Tortilla Wrap – Grilled Chicken Fillet

One of my favorite packed lunch to prepare since I learned how to make tortillas :)  It’s very simple, easy, healthy, delicious and very satisfying. 


the usual suspects..lettuce, yogurt, onion, tomatoes and processed cheese..


..and of course the grilled chicken fillet;  for a  more flavorful chicken, you can marinate the chicken first for at least half an hour or better yet overnight.  Beef, esp the breakfast steak cut, is a good alternative; it cooks quickly and is so’s just more expensive


my over-filled  tortilla.. the more stuff in there, the better, I say.. and messier too :P

 TORTILLA WRAP – Grilled Chicken Fillet


chicken fillet- thigh or breast part, your choice; grilled
tomato, sliced into strips or diced if you want, onion, sliced
plain yogurt
iceberg lettuce
cheese, grated
tortilla – homemade or store-bought

Here’s how:
If making your own tortilla, prepare in advance.

Grill chicken, set aside.  Heat or cook tortillas in  very hot ungreased pan or griddle.  On each tortilla, lay  some lettuce on top, add grilled chicken pieces, slices of tomato, onion and grated cheese;  lastly, add about a tablespoon of yogurt then roll tortilla.  Finished!  Easy, right?!   :)

 Thanks for your time…Have a nice weekend! :) 

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