How To Make Pizza Dough (Video)

I found this video that helped me a lot in making my own pizza dough.  Her recipe is identical to Wolfgang Puck’s except that she uses sugar instead of honey.      pizza_dough

ball of dough


each ball of dough makes an 8-inch pizza crust, for bigger crust divide into 2 0r 3


flatten dough ball after 20 rolling pin needed, just work it with your fingers and stretch it just  like in the video :)


then put your toppings of choice, bake


..and enjoy! :)


the crust is yummy, I love it, I’ve not perfected it yet but this is better than some of the pizzas we’ve tried before


here’s what the bottom of the crust  looks like..crispy!  I’m using a thin inexpensive pizza pan.. I’m thinking of buying a pizza stone and see if it makes a lot of difference ..

Here’s a really good pizza dough recipe to try using instant yeast.  

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