Breaded Pork Steak with Red Wine Gravy

This is favorite way of cooking pork steak, I used to like to grill it but coating the steak with seasoned flour and pan-frying it, is so much more delicious for me especially when served with red wine gravy…yum!

Some salad greens or sauteed bok choy or cabbage is what I usually serve on the side; mushroom soup and ice cold coke complete the meal for us. 🙂

serves 4

4 pieces pork steak
1/2 cup flour
EV olive oil or canola oil

1 tablespoon flour
1/3 cup red wine
1/3 cup water
ground black pepper
granulated garlic
butter or butter flavor margarine

Directions:Heat about 2 tablespoons oil in a pan. Wash pork steak and pat dry; lightly season with salt and ground black pepper. Put flour in a shallow dish or plate and season with salt and ground black pepper, mix well. Coat pork steak with flour mixture and fry on pan. Set the heat to medium to avoid burning the flour coating. Cook until brown; flip to brown the other side.. Transfer to a platter and set aside.

Make the gravy by adding flour to the pan, cook stirring for about 2 minutes then add red wine and water; bring to a boil and let simmer for about minutes, stirring and gently scraping the pan to get all the yummy bits from it. If your gravy get too thick, just add more red wine or water to thin it depending on how you like the consistency; I like mine a little runny. Turn off the heat and add a pat of butter. Strain into a serving dish. Either pour over the steak or serve on the side. Enjoy! 🙂

Happy Cooking!

Have a nice day! 🙂 ♥

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  1. Bridgett   January 19, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    This reminds me of being a kid as my mom always made breaded pork with a great sauce, but I am loving your wine sauce here. Looks comforting.


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