Mini Cheesecake (Baked) »

Mini Cheesecake (Baked)

No-fuss serving, easy to make, and bakes faster than a whole cheesecake are some of the reasons why this is one of my favorite desserts to make not to mention that I LOOOVE cheesecakes and it’s size makes it easy to control how much to I wish that works on me but I just […]

Pecan Pie with Rum & Honey »

Pecan Pie with Rum & Honey

Would you believe that I finished this whole pie all by myself?!?  Yes, it’s true, though not in one sitting, more like half in one go.   My husband unfortunately got sick on the day I made this and the kids just flatly said no, they prefer the banana cake that I baked earlier better. […]

Maids of Honor »

Maids of Honor

Congratulations to the Royal newlyweds, Prince William and Princess Kate!! It was such a beautiful and grand wedding, I truly wish that they’ll have a long and happy married years together! I made these pastries yesterday while watching a feature of their love story on’s like a modern day fairy tale…*sigh* :) Speaking of […]

Pasteis de Nata ( Portuguese-style Egg Tarts) »

Pasteis de Nata ( Portuguese-style Egg Tarts)

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe since I saw this from Yummy magazine but I keep putting it off since I can’t find puff pastry here and I don’t want to make it from scratch either (I tried making it before, I failed and am not yet ready to try wasn’t easy for […]

Grilled Nutella Pizza »

Grilled Nutella Pizza

I thought..what if, I grill a pizza dough, spread some Nutella on it, top it with roasted nuts ( pecans, walnuts) and some craisins then sprinkle grated white chocolate on top (as cheese).  Sounds good, right ?  Well, it is!  I just made up this dessert pizza over the weekend, it’s so good that I […]

French Coconut Pie »

French Coconut Pie

I’ve mentioned so many times before how nuts I am about coconuts even more so when a recipe is this easy. Although I made my pastry crust from scratch, it’s still easier than this: ..this is the coconut cream pie that I made last week; and while it was delicious, I was  disappointed with how […]

Purple Yam – Macapuno Mini Pies or Tarts »

Purple Yam – Macapuno Mini Pies or Tarts

You know the saying easy as pie? It always puzzles me when someone says that for I find making pies (the crust part) not really easy. I couldn’t relate to it but when I attempted to make this mini pies last weekend, I thought, hmmmn.. this must be what that saying is about. They are […]

Apple Crumble »

Apple Crumble

This recipe is from Jamie Oliver. My family and I love apple pie, I make it every weekend when there apples but this weekend, we only have 3 fuji apples left so I thought of making apple crumble instead. I like Jamie’s recipe because it’s quicker and easier to make. It pre-cooks the apples first […]

Egg Pie »

Egg Pie

I hate to be a bore but I have to say (because it’s true), this delicious pie is one of my top favorite childhood eats… You may skip to the recipe at the bottom if you find yourself yawning ( I just have to write this stuff for my kids, I know that in the […]

Pear Galette »

Pear Galette

I was planning to make apple pie for my kids and my husband who have all been bugging me for days to make one, I told them I will after a trip to the supermarket, I can’t make apple pie without apples, right? We went grocery shopping, went home with everything we need but the […]

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