Pan-seared Salmon »

Pan-seared Salmon

This has become one of my favorite dishes to cook regularly.  It’s super simple yet really delicious and..easy to make! Everyone in the family loves it.  I have this Takara plum sake white wine, that I got as a gift; it has a sweet aroma similar to mirin so I thought of using it for […]

Cake Pops »

Cake Pops

I was supposed to post this last Valentine’s Day.. and last Easter too, but I couldn’t find the time to finish it. Anyways here it is..cake pops! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a lot of recipes of this already and basically they are all the same..Cake, icing and white chocolate or candy melts for color […]

Oven-toaster apple crumble with Pecans »

Oven-toaster apple crumble with Pecans

I have been craving  apple pie lately but I’m too lazy to bake, because it’s too hot these days and turning on the oven just makes the matter worst.  I’ve been buying pocket pies from McDonald’s but it’s deep-fried and they’re not  really healthy especially if consumed regularly. So, I thought of making apple crumble, […]

Red Velvet Rose Cake »

Red Velvet Rose Cake

You’ve probably seen this cake around the web, the rose’s pretty isn’t it? Of course I have to make it too cause I just  love dainty, pretty, and swirly cakes!  I was thinking of making  chocolate cake at first because it’s my favorite but I’m not sure my whipped chocolate ganache will hold the […]

Spider Cake »

Spider Cake

My  7 -year old son helped me in making this awesome cake; he designed the spider, otherwise I would have just made a big cake ball with legs and eyes..I would have been satisfied with that, but I have to admit this cake looks so much more like a spider than what I had in […]

Bomboloni (Italian Doughnuts) »

Bomboloni (Italian Doughnuts)

Finally got to try making bomboloni!  Bomboloni are Italian filled doughnuts.  They are small and round (just like bombs, hence the name, according to wikipedia) and so light and delicious especially with chocolate that you may not notice that you’ve already eaten a lot. Don’t make too much if you don’t want that to happen- […]

Simple Steamed Bread Pudding »

Simple Steamed Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is not the kind that you serve with sauce or eat with a dessert spoon or fork;  it’s the kind that you just carry around and eat with your hands.  It  was made with just enough custard for the bread to absorb.  This is the bread pudding that I grew up with […]

Spaghetti and Meatballs »

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I often find happiness and contentment in a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. It’s one of my favorite foods- the blend of tomatoes, cheese and meat, the aroma of it while it cooks is intoxicating for me. Crusty garlic bread on the side completes the meal..a glass of red wine would have been an ideal […]

Ube Layer Cake (Purple Yam Cake) »

Ube Layer Cake (Purple Yam Cake)

Ube (purple yam) cake is one of my favorite cakes, my husband used to bring this home for me but when I finally knew how to bake,  this cake is one of the many, many cakes that I learned to make at home and we get to eat as much and as often as we […]

Beer Marinated Pork Steak and Cheddar »

Beer Marinated Pork Steak and Cheddar

I’m one of many people who can’t resist the sight of melted cheese over something; for me, cheese makes everything more delicious that’s why I love pasta and pizza so much because of the cheese! :) For a meat lover, cheese-person like me out there, this is a must-try recipe. This grilled pork steak with […]

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