This beef stew is really delicious and worth your time trying..I don’t cook or eat beef often but when I do, I like to cook beef caldereta, it has become my favorite beef dish especially since I learned how to make it myself. I used to get to eat this only when my mother-in- law […]

Easy Baked (Everyday) Cheesecake

This cheesecake is very simple, perfect for everyday dessert.  Most cheesecake recipes call for 2 -5 (8oz) boxes of creamcheese, that’s just too much (expensive too ) and reason enough for me to only make cheesecakes on special ocassions but I can’t always wait for a birthday or anniversary to come so I thought why not make a practical […]

Orange-Lemon Pork Tenderloin

Years back when I was a kid, there was no cable television yet; there were only about 5 channels available then and there was this Chinese cooking show that I used to watch pretty regularly because it comes before the cartoons. It was in all in Chinese so I didn’t understand a thing but I […]


What?..what’s that again?! kids asked after I told them what we’re having for dessert.. it’s kaiser-something, I said and please don’t ask me anymore because I honestly can’t say it correctly, all I know is that I have to make this after seeing it on Wolfgang Puck’s website because it looks so yummy! Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian dessert that […]

Granola and Fruits Parfait

This is a very delicious treat for breakfast or brunch, so easy to make if you already have granola and mixed fresh fruits salad on hand. It may look like a dessert, taste like it, but it’s very healthy and very heavy in the tummy-in a good way- because it’s loaded with fibers; in fact […]

Creamy Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera is simply pasta with vegetables seasoned with some herbs; I like this pasta dish because I can add any vegetable ( not leafy ones although I sometimes add spinach ) I want or whatever is available to me; I like to add some meat too, like chicken breast fillet, to make it a […]

Mango Layer Cake (Biscuit de Savoie)

This cake is on the cover of the baking book, Ultimate Cake by Barbara Maher that my husband gave me years ago, but this is only the first time I have tried making it because I kept on hoping that I will eventually get my hands on   fresh strawberries and raspberries which this cake has […]

Maruya (Saba Banana Fritters)

My kids like this a LOT! I’m glad that they also like the food that I love as a kid , I try to recreate some of it in my kitchen as best I can, some are easy, some are not…good thing this fritter is very easy and quick to make because my kids ask […]

Cheesy Spinach and Silken Tofu Ravioli

Yes, finally I’ve made  homemade ravioli-olli yay! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to try Tyler Florence’s ravioli dough recipe for the longest time and I was only able to make it recently.   Tyler’s recipe is very simple and homecook- friendly, I  have other ravioli recipes saved but this is the best one for me. It wasn’t really difficult to […]

Cinnamon Muffins

Cinnamon’s one of my favorite spices, I love it primarily for it’s heavenly scent; it makes the whole house smells heavenly when you bake with it; but I also like the fact that it’s very good for our health. I’ve read a lot of really good things cinnamon like it helps regulates our blood sugar […]

Dwaeji Kalbi (Sweet and Spicy Korean Pork Barbecue)

This delicious barbecue  is very easy to do even more so if you use the marinade powder (that’s where I “discovered” this delicious Korean dish);  but making it from scratch using a mini food processor or blender makes it almost as easy as opening a packet of  marinade mix.  The homemade marinade is deliciously scented and  it’s sweet, […]

Black Rice Pilaf

Black Rice or Forbidden rice is very high in fiber and nutrients, it has a nutty taste that I like but it’s not something that I could eat everyday, it took me a while to get used to the texture, because unlike regular (white) rice, black (the same is true for brown rice) rice are […]