Creamy Wonton Soup

This is my favorite way, the only way I make use of condensed cream of chicken. It’s so delicious, a cross between macaroni soup and wonton soup.  Don’t be discouraged by the list of ingredients, most of them or maybe all of them are in your pantry. This is easy to make -boil the soup, […]

Ted Allen’s Killer Chilli Recipe

I saw this recipe from an old issue (December 2005) of Good HouseKeeping magazine.  It’s worth trying, and as (I) expected, the chilli turned out delicious, and really hot!  I substituted local green finger and red hot chillies and white beans (it’s what I have in my pantry).  Chillis are often eaten with corn bread or […]

Breaded Pork Steak with Red Wine Gravy

This is favorite way of cooking pork steak, I used to like to grill it but coating the steak with seasoned flour and pan-frying it, is so much more delicious for me especially when served with red wine gravy…yum! Some salad greens or sauteed bok choy or cabbage is what I usually serve on the […]

Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

Dinuguan is a classic Filipino dish made of pig’s intestines stewed in vinegar and pork  blood with  green chillies.  I remember my mom used to cook it to give to her boss; I haven’t actually eaten that kind of dinuguan (because I refused to), I prefer the less exotic version made with pork belly. In the spirit of Halloween, I dared […]

Sauteed Grilled Pork with Green Chillies and Tomatoes

If I have one dish that I can really call my own, it’s this one.   I did not pick it up from any cookbook (I didn’t have before) or from any cooking shows..I just made it up back when it was just still me and my husband.   We used to do a lot of grilling ( mostly pork chops and […]

KCC: Filipino-Spanish Dishes: Pork Estofada

KCC‘s theme for the month of September 2010 is: Filipino-Spanish Dishes!!  Filipino cuisine is heavily influenced by Spanish, not surprising since they stayed in our country for over 300 years. Most of these dishes are rich and satisfying and mouthwatering! I’ve made several in the past, most are everyday dishes and always, always eaten with rice..which is […]

Homemade Skinless Longganisa ( Filipino Breakfast Sausage)

Longganisa is Filipino breakfast sausage- a garlic-ky, somewhat sweet and peppery sausage- it’s usually paired with sunny-side up egg and garlic fried rice with slices of tomatoes – we call this breakfast “combo meal” longsilog ( longganisa, sinangag ( fried rice), itlog ( egg) ); a typical Filipino breakfast.  I love it when the sugar in the […]

Kulinarya Cooking Club: Lumpia!

Yay! It’s lumpia for KCC this month.    I love lumpia!  Lumpia is egg roll, fresh or fried. In my Filipino food vocabulary, this can only mean lumpiang sariwa/ubod ( fresh spring roll) or lumpiang shanghai ( deep-fried egg roll) —my favorite!  I have already blogged about lumpiang shanghai, about a year ago;  I was planning on […]

Ma Po Tofu

This is one of  my love-at -first- try recipes.   I was looking for some tokwa ( it’s how we call tofu in Filipino) recipes to try and found out about Ma Po tofu.  I have browsed through many recipes and the one below is what appealed to me. It’s fairly easy and the result is of […]


This beef stew is really delicious and worth your time trying..I don’t cook or eat beef often but when I do, I like to cook beef caldereta, it has become my favorite beef dish especially since I learned how to make it myself. I used to get to eat this only when my mother-in- law […]

Orange-Lemon Pork Tenderloin

Years back when I was a kid, there was no cable television yet; there were only about 5 channels available then and there was this Chinese cooking show that I used to watch pretty regularly because it comes before the cartoons. It was in all in Chinese so I didn’t understand a thing but I […]

Kulinarya Cooking Club: Barbecue

Kulinarya Cooking Club‘s theme for the month of June is: BBQ! Who doesn’t love barbecue?  There are so many kinds of barbecue but for me, there’s only one that brings so much memories and is my favorite of all: pork barbecue in bamboo skewers, it’s the best! I remember those nights when I was a […]