Daing na Bangus ( Butterflied Boneless Milkfish Belly)

Daing is a general term for curing and preserving fish with salt and vinegar. The fish is butterflied and is either marinated or salted and sun-dried ( Kulinarya, p.106). Daing is usually eaten at breakfast with fried egg, garlic fried rice, chopped tomatoes, atchara (pickled young papaya) and vinegar for dipping…Mmmm! If you haven’t tried […]

Chicken Inasal

Inasal means grilled or barbecued; this dish originated in Panay and Negros region in the Philippines.  What makes it different from other grilled chicken is it’s delicious tang and distinct orange color from annatto oil.  The marinade has both vinegar and calamansi juice.. so you can just imagine how sour that is ( it makes my mouth […]