Chili Chocolate Cake

Chili Chocolate Cake

I like my food hot and spicy so I thought why not my cake, too?! ūüôā Make it today or anytime. No need for special occasion to have a delicious, home made cake to share with your loved ones and friends. Happy Baking! Chili Chocolate Cake   Print A wicked twist to my favorite chocolate […]

Spider Cake

Spider Cake

My ¬†7 -year old son helped me in making this awesome cake; he designed the spider, otherwise I would have just made a big cake ball with legs and eyes..I would have been satisfied with that, but I have to admit this cake looks so much more like a spider than what I had in […]

Chocolate Souffle Cake

This flourless chocolate cake will take you to chocolate heaven… ūüėõ It has¬†over sixteen ounces of bittersweet chocolate! It’s silky, light and not too sweet so you can taste more of the chocolate.¬†¬†This recipe is from David Lebovitz¬†; of all the flourless chocolate cakes I’ve tried, I like this one the best because it’s not […]

Almond Puff Loaf

Here’s another easy baking recipe I would like to share..found it here, one of my favorite sites to visit for good baking recipes although I don’t use their flour, simply because¬† it’s not available here :). If you think¬† it’s hard to make good puff pastry, well think again and try this one..I’ve been making […]

Birthday Sheet Cake

I ¬†was so ¬†mixed up,¬†I thought the posting date for this cake was on the 14th, this is for the barefoot bloggers group that I joined last month. ¬†I already missed last month’s second posting and here I go again, but this time I’m posting it even if it’s late; better than never as they […]

Chocolate Truffles

These truffles were made from my leftover chocolate filling for the milan cookies. I didn’t get to use much of it because I only had few cookies that were “perfect”. Truffles are easy to do, but it can get pretty messy especially if you have warm hands like me, it will help if you touch […]