Graham Balls with Walnuts

Graham Balls with Walnuts

This is a fun and super-easy recipe you can do with your kids. No-baking and it’s impossible to mess up. You can have fun making any shapes you want just like play dough, only this is edible and delicious. ūüôā My kids and I made some creepy looking characters out of it..well, we tried. The […]

Six-Layer Bars ( Magic Bars)

This is super-easy to make, almost no-prep work, just minor ones like melting the butter and chopping the nuts. ¬†Finely crushed Graham crackers are available now, which made this even more enticing to try. Use your favorite or a really good chocolate for this recipe. ¬†If you don’t have coconut flakes or desiccated coconut, you […]

Simple Steamed Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is not the kind that you serve with sauce or eat with a dessert spoon or fork; ¬†it’s the kind that you just carry around and eat with your hands. ¬†It ¬†was made with just enough custard for the bread to absorb. ¬†This is the bread pudding that I grew up with […]

Re-post: Sweet Sticky Rice with Topping ( Bibingkang Kanin)

Bibingkang kanin sweet sticky rice topped with¬†coconut cream custard topping; it’s so¬†yummy and I always feel like¬† I could eat the whole thing by myself!¬†¬†It’s¬† one of my favorite foods¬†and¬†one of my earliest posts, naturally but¬†the photo is blurred, not good at all¬†so I thought of posting it again with much clearer photos and a […]

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Brazo de Mercedes is a meringue cake with custard filling baked like a jelly roll. It was very popular back in my childhood days. The filling is so yummy- it taste just like¬†¬†leche flan, my fave dessert on earth- actually, it was the only reason why I¬†eat it, I didn’t like the white part or […]