Graham Balls with Walnuts

Graham Balls with Walnuts

This is a fun and super-easy recipe you can do with your kids. No-baking and it’s impossible to mess up. You can have fun making any shapes you want just like play dough, only this is edible and delicious. ūüôā My kids and I made some creepy looking characters out of it..well, we tried. The […]

Steamed Chocolate Cake

I’ve seen this from other food/recipe bloggers before and I was amazed.. moist and soft chocolate cake without using an! How I wish that I knew this way, way back..*sigh*. This cake is really easy to make (of course it is or I would not have bothered) and expect a delicious cake at the […]

Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Kaya

I tweaked these cookies from my favorite thumbprint cookie recipe. The idea came to me when I did the macarons for the Daring Baker’s challenge, I have lots of leftover kaya, I used it as centers/filling for these cookies. These are really good cookies, one of my tweaks that I’m really proud of, I also […]

Banana Cake with Dulce de Leche Topping

This is an easy cake that you can whip up quickly…and if you happen to have a can of dulce de leche in stock that makes it¬† even more easier.¬† That’s what I did, I skipped the¬†caramel making and¬†just opened a can of ¬†home-made dulce de leche.¬† ¬† It’s¬†very easy to make dulce de leche […]

Coconut Bread

I love coconut and I adore Tyler Florence so when I saw this recipe from Miranda’s blog, I put it on my must-try list of recipes. ¬†I ¬†actually did this couple of months back (or ¬†more) . This recipe comes with pineapple butter recipe but I didn’t make it because I asked my family if […]

Dulce de Leche Candies (Yema)

This creamy, milky candy has always been my favorite since childhood. I was so addicted to it, whenever I have extra money, I would ran to the store and buy it. This is a simpler version of yema balls. It’s cooked condensed milk, sometime with ground peanuts added. This is also more commonly found here […]