Boiled Pork

Boiled Pork

  One of  my favorite Classic Filipino dish from childhood up to now.  It’s so simple and so easy to make and yet so delicious.  My kids eat really well whenever I cook this, unfortunately that is also true for me and my husband -bad news for our diet haha.  I think it’s the umami in […]


I usually throw away kangkong (water spinach) stalks after taking off the leaves but I found out that it can be turned into a delicious spicy dish with coconut milk which is a perfect pair to fried tilapia (imagine salty crispy skin and soft, flaky meat..yum!) or any fish or grilled meat. Gising-gising is unknown […]

Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

Dinuguan is a classic Filipino dish made of pig’s intestines stewed in vinegar and pork  blood with  green chillies.  I remember my mom used to cook it to give to her boss; I haven’t actually eaten that kind of dinuguan (because I refused to), I prefer the less exotic version made with pork belly.  In the spirit of Halloween, I dared […]

Chicken Afritada

Our food (Philippine cuisine) in general is a delicious mix of different cuisines from other countries/ cultures. The most dominant was the influence of Spanish in our way of cooking, three hundred years under their rule for sure created a deep impression that eventually became the foundation for a lot of our delicious dishes… like […]