Squash Soup (with coconut milk)

Squash Soup (with coconut milk)

This is a very satisfying and healthy soup, with a hint of ginger and  coconut milk, this has a curry-like taste to it. Left-over soup can be use as sauce for grilled meat or chicken. Yum:) It is so easy to make, hard to make mistakes here. I like to make it in small batch […]

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Chicken Karaage is a Japanese version of fried chicken. It is different from traditional fried chicken like KFC’s; it’s more like Bonchon’s in taste (which is Korean, btw) but without the sauce. The chicken  is marinated with ginger and sake and coated with potato starch (or cornstarch) before frying which gives a yummy crunch to […]

Chili Crab

My husband doesn’t eat seafood save for fish so I rarely cook shrimp, crab or anything that’s from the sea that doesn’t have scales. I was glad to have the chance to try making chili crab when my sister brought some fresh crabs when she and her family came for a visit. Chili Crab is […]

Boiled Chicken with Soy Ginger Sauce

This dish is really easy to make; the chicken comes out tender and the soy garlic sauce makes it really delicious. You can use either whole or cut-up chicken parts in making this.. I like to use whole chicken, take the skin off the parts that I’m using and add it back into the pot […]

Fish in Szechuan Sauce

Fish in Szechuan Sauce

This is my first time to make this dish and quite surprise that it’s easy to make considering how delicious it is- hot and spicy-delicious!! I’ve added this to my favorites. ü This will be included in the simple Chinese New Year dinner that I’m planning – we’re not really Chinese, I just want to […]

Indonesian Ginger Chicken

I can’t believe I did not make this sooner…this is such a super yummy and really, really easy dish.    There are only a few ingredients and I have them in stock.   I made this the same day I got the recipe- I have all the ingredients for the marinade, and we had it for dinner the next day.  This […]

Fish Curry with Vegetables

I’ve seen this recipe from a magazine, the photo looks so appetizing that made me want to try it. It’s different from the curry that I usually make; for one, this curry recipe has spinach. It also uses turmeric instead of curry powder, plus it has lime which I figure was because of the fish […]

Really Hot and Spicy Korean Chicken

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted, this dish is really spicy hot. It’ll make you cry. If you want the thrill of eating hot and spicy food, definitely try this one. If you are not into hot and spicy food, you can also give this a try, just omit or just adjust the amount of the […]

Sweet Sticky Chicken

I love chicken, it’s so tasty and so versatile, you can do just about anything to it – fried, grilled, broiled, boiled, steamed, etc..- and it comes out a winner on the dining table everytime. The recipe below is from Martha Stewart Living Magazine (June 2007). What I like about this dish is the sweet […]