Sapin-Sapin (Layered Sticky Rice Cake)

Sapin-Sapin is a Filipino multi-colored (and flavored) layered sticky rice cake. It’s traditionally made of galapong (sticky rice dough) mixed with coconut milk and sugar which is then divided typically into 3 parts; purple yam, pureed corn are usually added to make the purple and yellow layers respectively, then the third part is just left […]

Bibingka Espesyal (Bibingka Royale)

Bibingka espesyal or Bibingka Royale or simply just bibingka to many, is very popular during Christmas season. It’s like a pancake with cheese and salted egg, sugar and grated fresh coconut topping-if only it’s as easy as pancake to make at home.   Bibingka is a special rice cake  made of rice dough called galapong […]

Cuchinta (Kutsinta)

Cuchinta is a type of kakanin (Philippines’ native delicacies these are snacks usually made with or containing any or combination of these: coconut,coconut milk, rice flour, glutinous rice, cassava). Cuchinta is delicious and super easy to make and is almost fat free and low in calories.. I was actually surprise to find out  how simple […]


Pichi-pichi is a pretty unusual name for a food, so much more for a kakanin. I don’t know where it got it’s name from but I like it. It sounds like pica-pica which is what pichi-pichi is in essence: a bite size snack. It is a type of kakanin which refers to the many ways […]

Palitaw Sa Latik (Sweet Rice Dumplings In Coconut Milk

I did a marathon kakanin “cook fest” yesterday, I made palitaw in coconut milk, biko and cassava cake. These, except for the palitaw in coconut milk are for my daughter to bring in school for their Linggo ng Kultura (Filipino Language & Culture Week). To start with I’ll give you palitaw in coconut milk. If […]

Palitaw (Sweet Rice Dumplings with Coconut & Roasted Sesame Seeds)

Palitaw is a type of kakanin (Filipino native sweet delicacies); It’s called palitaw because of the manner it’s cooked. It’s a sweet rice flour dough or dumpling that you cook by dropping it in boiling water, you’ll know when it’s cooked when it floats on the surface, hence the name Palitaw (litaw-meaning to show up […]

Maja Mais

This is very similar to Maja Blanca, the only difference is the addition of corn. I’ve always like my maja mais smooth and creamy, without any corn kernels in it, most of the recipes I’ve come across while searching for one has corn kernels which is fine especially if you love the crunch of corn […]


I made espasol for the first time over the weekend and was inspired at the last moment to cut it into fun shapes instead of just rolling it into it’s usual mini log (like tootsie roll) shape. My daughter really liked it and didn’t know it was espasol until she tasted it. Espasol is a […]

Maja Mais Panna Cotta

While I was making the maja blanca I thought how it is similar to panna cotta (Italian cooked cream), the ingredients and the process are pretty much the same except panna cotta uses gelatin powder and of course cream. I got inspired and thought of making a fuzion of kakanin and Italian dessert… maja mais […]

Kakanin Toppings Latik and Toasted Coconut

Latik is what makes some kakanin like biko, maja and suman-latik so irresistibly good. Sometimes I just eat it by itself, I can’t stop eating it once I start. My siblings and I used to fight over it when we were little. I wonder why does it taste so good? I know that it is […]

Bibingkang Kanin (Sweet Rice Cake with Topping)

I love kakanin (Filipino sweet delicacy), particularly this one. This is just like biko (sweet rice cake) with a yummy topping. I like it so much that I have to have a recipe and try it. I thought it would be easy cause I already know how to make biko, so the topping wouldn’t be […]