Mango Pavlova

Mango Pavlova

This is my first time to make a pretty successful Pavlova. I tried before but my inexperience as a baker made me fail and I never dared tried again until last week when I invited some friends and their family over. I made a zabaglione for my tiramisu and not wanting to throw away the egg […]

Mango Lava Cake

Here’s another mango dessert recipe that I mentioned from my last post.  I got the idea from another food blogger, Ben of Kissing the cook.  He used apricots but since we have lots of fresh mangoes, I thought it would be a good idea to use them instead.  I used one big fresh mango and […]

Mango Pound Cake

It’s summer and mangoes are abundant; the mangoes from the farm of my father-in-law are sooo sweet!! I’m making mango smoothies with it everyday but like bananas they tend to over-ripen faster than we can eat them. This mango pound cake recipe is another way to put sweet, sweet mangoes to use.  Like any pound […]