Meatball Casserole

Meatball Casserole

I am very pleased with myself for finding this recipe. It’s similar to chorizo fundido but with meatballs. Perfect for  New Year’s Eve celebration and  I am definitely making this dish again to add to my lucky food along with round fruits and boiled eggs to bring prosperity and luck in the coming New Year […]

Calamansi Bars (aka Lemon Bars) :)

Calamansi Bars (aka Lemon Bars) :)

I love sweet and tangy dessert treat particulary lemon bars BUT I don’t make them often enough because my family doesn’t like it that much, they find it too tart, especially my youngest child. I usually  just buy a piece for myself from a coffee shop whenever I have a craving for it..until recently. My […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crisps

I tried a new way to enjoy chocolate chips cookies for us.  I used Martha Stewart’s thin and crisp cookie recipe , but I used less sugar and added a couple tablespoons of coffee powder ( which you can skip if you don’t like it) and instead of using chocolate chips, I grated some bittersweet chocolate ( […]

Easy Baked (Everyday) Cheesecake

This cheesecake is very simple, perfect for everyday dessert.  Most cheesecake recipes call for 2 -5 (8oz) boxes of creamcheese, that’s just too much (expensive too ) and reason enough for me to only make cheesecakes on special ocassions but I can’t always wait for a birthday or anniversary to come so I thought why not make a practical […]

Hot Cross Buns

It was Good Friday yesterday and I decided to make hot cross buns after watching Martha Stewart the night before making this on her show. I wasn’t really planning on making this but I happen to have all the ingredients and Martha said these buns are traditionally made on Good Friday which is just perfect. […]

Sweet Sticky Chicken

I love chicken, it’s so tasty and so versatile, you can do just about anything to it – fried, grilled, broiled, boiled, steamed, etc..- and it comes out a winner on the dining table everytime. The recipe below is from Martha Stewart Living Magazine (June 2007). What I like about this dish is the sweet […]