Vanilla and Chocolate Marble Cake with Walnuts »

Vanilla and Chocolate Marble Cake with Walnuts

My husband and I took a nap late in the afternoon and woke up at half past nine at night,  I was so disoriented and I realized in horror that I overslept and haven’t fed my kids their dinner!! I hurriedly made something for them to eat and sent them to bed feeling guilty as […]

Six-Layer Bars ( Magic Bars) »

Six-Layer Bars ( Magic Bars)

This is super-easy to make, almost no-prep work, just minor ones like melting the butter and chopping the nuts.  Finely crushed Graham crackers are available now, which made this even more enticing to try. Use your favorite or a really good chocolate for this recipe.  If you don’t have coconut flakes or desiccated coconut, you […]

Swedish Visiting Cake »

Swedish Visiting Cake

One of the simplest and delicious cakes out there and easily one of my favorites, too.  I can’t believe that I have not posted it here yet, I thought I did.  Anyhoo, like I said this is very easy and your home will smell unbelievably delicious when you make this-imagine warm lemon, vanilla and butter… […]

Grilled Nutella Pizza »

Grilled Nutella Pizza

I thought..what if, I grill a pizza dough, spread some Nutella on it, top it with roasted nuts ( pecans, walnuts) and some craisins then sprinkle grated white chocolate on top (as cheese).  Sounds good, right ?  Well, it is!  I just made up this dessert pizza over the weekend, it’s so good that I […]

Honey-Sweetened Oatmeal and Nut Granola »

Honey-Sweetened Oatmeal and Nut Granola

It’s June, it’s been raining for a week now which means summer is now officially over and my kids will be going to back to school in a week (it’s the first for my youngest and he is super-excited). My mind for days now is filled with food; healthy foods that I can pack in my kids’ […]

Carrot Muffins »

Carrot Muffins

One of my favorite carrot cupcake  muffin’s simple and easy and healthier than most carrot cupcakes   muffins recipes I’ve tried. This is similar to this recipe but quicker because this one doesn’t have chopped  dates, and that save me extra time  plus I did not make the creamcheese frosting because honestly in my opinion it didn’t need any […]

Dates & Walnut Bars aka Food For The Gods »

Dates & Walnut Bars aka Food For The Gods

These bars are very very delicious and’s more popularly known in the Philippines as food for the gods…you simply have to taste it to find out if it deserves the monicker. I don’t really know why this is called food for the gods..some say because of the ingredients -dates and walnuts are not easily […]

Ultimate Brownies Recipe and An Award »

Ultimate Brownies Recipe and An Award

We all have our own favorite brownie recipe..this one’s mine. I love it because it is simple to make, you don’t need any mixer-handheld or stand- to make these.. Just a wooden spoon, a bowl and good strong arms:) I will keep this post brief because I have another thing I want to share to […]

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