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Buche de Noel (Yule Log Cake)

I’ve always wanted to make this Christmas cake but only got a chance to try it this year. Yay for me. My first try was good but I did not have anything to decorate it so I just used large marshmallows which I cut and shaped as best I could to make ’em look like mushrooms. It’s bad. *cringe* hahaha.

My second try is better although it almost turned into a big failure. I tried a different recipe for the cake..bad move or maybe it’s just me but the cake when I unrolled it after it has completely cooled, cracked.  Add to that, my ganache is melting from the warmth coming from my oven (which was very busy  roasting the chicken and pork) and it made frosting the cake a bit of a challenge.

To make the story short, I was able to save it and it turned out pretty good, it looks really good and most importantly, yummy 🙂 Okay, I worked hard on this cake so just let me praise my own work. 😛

I’ll do better next year with my Yule Log Cake decoration. Like, I’m already thinking of how it will look like. Haha!

See the photos on top and the last one below–my mushrooms look better already on my second cake. I used marzipan 🙂

Here’s my Buche de Noel–Recipe is adapted from here. Pardon my photos, they are incomplete and not very good. I know but I just want to post this now or this will be an addition to my already long list of pending posts.

I want to share recipes that I tried so you may try it too but I was holding back sometimes because my photos are not nice so I need to edit  as best I could but all I know about editing is clicking the auto enhance hahaha.  And I do not have as much time to spend on blogging as I used to before and when I do, sometimes my laziness kicks in.

So, there–those are the reasons why my posts are getting fewer. And that’s why I am posting this now. Bad photos and all.  I will just get back to this post next time to update it with complete step by step and better photos. I promise. I will make time for it. 🙂

I really admire bloggers with beautiful photos of their food. #goals  🙂 Maybe if I have gorgeous photos I can get more followers too.  😀

Happy New Year!

unroll baked and cooled sheet cake

spread filling evenly on top, leaving about an inch of border all around

roll the cake then cut a small portion at one end. Using chocolate frosting as “glue” connect the cut portion on the side of the cake Messy 😀

Buche de Noel (Yule Log Cake)

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Course: Cake, Dessert
Cuisine: American
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Author: Olive
I’ve always wanted to make this Christmas cake but only got a chance to try it this year. Yay for me. My first try was good but I did not have anything to decorate it so I just used large marshmallows which I cut and shaped as best I could to make ’em look like mushrooms.
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  • Heat oven to 375ºF.
  • Line bottom of 15x10x1-inch baking pan with parchment paper, set aside.
  • Arrange clean thin cotton towel (about 34×20 inches) onto counter.
  • Sprinkle generously with unsweetened cocoa, set aside.
  • Combine flour, ¼ cup cocoa, baking powder and salt in bowl, set aside.
  • Combine sugar, eggs and vanilla in another bowl, beat at high speed 5 minutes or until fluffy, thick and pale yellow color.
  • Stir melted butter into egg mixture, gently stir flour mixture into egg mixture until just combined.
  • Spread into prepared pan.
  • Bake 10-12 minutes or until center springs back when touched.
  • Run knife around edges to loosen sides.
  • Turn hot cake out onto prepared towel, remove parchment paper.
  • Cut cake in half lengthwise, lay short ends of cake onto prepared towel, touching end to end.
  • Cut 4 inches off one end, place next to one short end of cake.
  • Beginning at same end, roll up cake in towel, set aside to cool.
  • Beat ½ cup chilled whipping cream and ¼ cup powdered sugar in chilled bowl, beat at medium-high speed, scraping bowl often, until stiff peaks form.
  • Shape marzipan into mushrooms as best you can 🙂
  • Keep in the fridge until ready to decorate cake.
  • Place chocolate hazelnut spread and cream cheese in another bowl, beat at medium speed until well mixed.
  • Gently stir whipped cream mixture into chocolate mixture until just combined.
  • Cover, refrigerate at least one hour.
  • Combine chopped chocolate and whipping cream in bowl and set it over a pot of simmering water to melt.
  • Add butter at the end and set aside to cool slightly.
  • Unroll cake, spread small cake with ¼ cup chilled filling.
  • Reroll, refrigerate until ready to assemble.
  • Spread large cake with remaining filling, reroll.
  • Stand on end on serving plate.
  • Frost sides.
  • Cut one end of small cake roll at angle.
  • Place onto plate next to larger cake log so it angles out like a branch, secure with toothpicks or wooden skewers, as needed.
  • Carefully frost sides of cake.
  • Draw lines in frosting, using fork for bark appearance, if desired.
  • Place "mushrooms" around yule log.
  • Sprinkle powdered sugar all over the cake.
  • Garnish with rosemary sprigs, if desired.
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