Homemade Pizza

Pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza? My family and I, we are pizza monsters, we like to order pizza on weekends, and if it’s just wasn’t so expensive, we’d order it more often. The kids whenever we go out, just want to eat pizza and they’re happy. Since we love pizza, I decided to try making it […]


What?..what’s that again?!..my kids asked after I told them what we’re having for dessert.. it’s kaiser-something, I said and please don’t ask me anymore because I honestly can’t say it correctly, all I know is that I have to make this after seeing it on Wolfgang Puck’s website because it looks so yummy! Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian dessert that […]

How To Make Kaiserschmarren

I used this as a guide in making Kaiserschmarren although I use a different recipe. I make my kaiserschmarren a lot messier (because I use a bigger pan) but it’s always delicious! I hope you’ll find this video useful too! 🙂