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Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of our favorite Thai dishes. It has a delicious blend of sour, sweet, and spice in one noodle dish. With chicken thigh fillet and shrimp (or prawns) it is a complete meal in one.

I was very intimidated to try to make Pad Thai at home. The many ingredients and cooking steps are very daunting and discouraging for me. I’m happy to just order and enjoy it in a restaurant.

It has been more than a year now since the last time we enjoyed a platter of yummy Pad Thai because of the pandemic, I decided to finally try making Pad Thai at home to satisfy our craving for it.

I’m very happy it turned out just like what we usually have at our favorite restaurant. My husband and kids said it tastes like Pad Thai as they know it.:D

This is my take on Pad Thai. I had a recipe that I’ve been meaning to try that I cut out from a magazine but I lost it so I had to find another good one. I used this one (thank you) as my inspiration for the recipe below.

If you decide that you want to try this recipe, here’s an important tip: Read the recipe several times and picture in your head the steps for a smooth flow of work.

If there’s something unclear or some error in the recipe, please let me know in the comments section, it will be much appreciated.

Here’s a summary of the cooking process:

  • First cook the noodles al dente according to package direction
  • Marinate the shrimp
  • Mix the sauce ingredients
  • Roast the peanuts
  • Fry the eggs and the tofu

Start making the Pad Thai.

You can serve it like they do in restaurants or just casual family style.

I don’t have a photo of the cooked rice noodles so let’s start with this. Marinate the prawns. Set it aside.

After roasting the peanuts; frying the eggs; the tofu (not pictured) and setting them aside for later, cook the marinated prawns next in the same pan. Transfer prawns to a bowl and (again) set aside.

Now we’ll start putting it all together. Pour more oil in the pan and saute the garlic, onion and ginger.

Next, add the chicken thigh fillet and cook it until browned.

Next, the bean sprouts.

And the cooked rice noodles. Pour in the pad Thai sauce. Toss gently to mix.

Start adding the pre-cooked ingredients in — the fried tofu and eggs. Throw in the chopped chives or onion leaves.

The roasted peanuts and the siling labuyo (bird’s eye chilis).

Now, put the cooked prawns back in the pan.

Mix well and check if seasoning is right, and you’re done. Whew.

Serve it like this.

Or simply like this. Enjoy!😊

Pad Thai

A delicious blend of sour, sweet, and spice in one noodle dish. With chicken thigh fillet and shrimp (or prawns) makes it a complete meal in one.
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Cuisine Asian, Thai






  • First cook rice noodle according to package direction but like pasta make it al dente.
  • Wash and devein shrimp, pat dry.
  • Transfer to a bowl, add mirin (or mountain dew or sprite), 1 teaspoon minced garlic, a bit of salt and ground black pepper.
  • Toss gently to mix, set aside.
  • Mix all ingredients for the pad thai sauce in a medium bowl, stir well and set aside.
  • Heat a saute pan over medium high heat and pan roast peanuts until browned and fragrant, set aside.
  • Chop peanuts later when it has completely cooled.
  • Add about a little coconut oil (lauric oil) to the pan then fry the beaten egg.
  • Flip to cook the other side.
  • Transfer egg to a plate, slice into strips, set aside.
  • Using the same pan, add more coconut oil then fry the tofu.
  • Transfer to a plate and set aside.
  • Again, add more oil into the same pan and cook the marinated prawns or shrimp.
  • Cook until it turns pink.
  • Transfer to a bowl and set aside.


  • Add more oil to the pan — 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon sesame oil.
  • Add remaining minced garlic, onion and ginger.
  • Saute for about a minute.
  • Add chicken thigh fillet and cook until browned.
  • Put bean sprouts and rice noodles.
  • Pour in the prepared pad thai sauce.
  • Using thongs or two wooden spoon, toss the noodles to coat evenly with sauce.
  • Add the fried tofu and egg and chives.
  • Then the roasted chopped peanuts and red chili.
  • Check seasoning if it needs some adjustment, do so now.
  • Transfer to a serving dish.
  • Sprinkle with more chopped peanuts.
  • Or serve more on the side with some sliced chilis and more bean sprouts.
  • Enjoy!
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