How to fold Wonton

I thought this would be helpful to those who have no idea how to fold wonton; I was very clueless on how these are made.  It’s actually easy once you see how it’s done by those who know how 😉

How To Make Pizza Dough (Video)

I found this video that helped me a lot in making my own pizza dough.  Her recipe is identical to Wolfgang Puck’s except that she uses sugar instead of honey.      ball of dough each ball of dough makes an 8-inch pizza crust, for bigger crust divide into 2 0r 3 flatten dough ball after 20 […]

How To Make Kaiserschmarren

I used this as a guide in making Kaiserschmarren although I use a different recipe. I make my kaiserschmarren a lot messier (because I use a bigger pan) but it’s always delicious! I hope you’ll find this video useful too! 🙂

How To Make Flour Tortillas

I can’t believe I made my own flour tortillas, I used to just  buy a pack from the grocery store whenever it’s available but they ran out and I needed some tortillas for the DK challenge so I had to make my own.  I couldn’t find masa harina to make corn tortillas so I just searched […]

How To Make Flower Cupcakes For Mother’s Day

Since I’ve seen this video a couple of years ago, I have never made my cupcakes any other way ( well,almost.. I still do swirls, sometimes).  Try it too, it looks so pretty in pastel colors. You will need these: 1 piping bag 1 petal tip toothpick food color gel Here are some of my […]

How To Make Pie Pastry

Watch Chef Cat Cora making basic pie dough by hand and by using food processor (video is from youtube courtesy of .  I make mine similarly by hand using a recipe from Carole Walter‘s book, Great Pies and Tarts: TIPS : 1. Scrape the blender clean every so often 2. Break-up larger particles of […]

How To Poach An Egg

This video is from youtube courtesy of I love sunny-side up eggs but sometimes I can’t help but use way too much oil in making it; poaching eggs is a healthier alternative. I’m posting this to complement my post on Arroz ala Cubana where I used poached eggs.

How To Make Puff Pastry Video

Puff pastry is really good especially when it’s fresh and you made it yourself. The September challenge for the Daring Bakers is french puff pastry, vols-au vent. Too bad I wasn’t able to make it on time. I watched this video a lot on my first try at making puff pastry, it was hard for […]

Anthony Bourdain on Manila Street Food

See this video of Anthony Bourdain (he looks like George Clooney to me) having a taste of Filipino street foods. I think he liked the fish balls, cause he went for seconds there. Some might be grossed out to try it as it look so unsanitary, oh yes, actually it is, every home-grown Filipino knows […]

How To Make Bulgogi – Video

I’ve come across this video on YouTube. Authentic bulgogi made by a Korean. This is slightly different from the bulgogi recipe I recently tried, this one uses only one fruit- pear and has carrots in it. I will try this version next time or try to combine the two or maybe next time I will […]

Tyler Florence’s Fettucine Diablo

Tyler Florence, chef on Food Network shows how to make this spicy and delicious pasta.

How To Make Caramel Croissant Pudding

Watch gorgeous Nigella Lawson whip-up a comfort food in a flash. See how she makes everything sound and look so easy and delicious. See the full recipe here.

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