Sapin-Sapin (Layered Sticky Rice Cake)

Sapin-Sapin is a Filipino multi-colored (and flavored) layered sticky rice cake. It’s traditionally made of galapong (sticky rice dough) mixed with coconut milk and sugar which is then divided typically into 3 parts; purple yam, pureed corn are usually added to make the purple and yellow layers respectively, then the third part is just left […]

Bibingka Espesyal (Bibingka Royale)

Bibingka espesyal or Bibingka Royale or simply just bibingka to many, is very popular during Christmas season. It’s like a pancake with cheese and salted egg, sugar and grated fresh coconut topping-if only it’s as easy as pancake to make at home.   Bibingka is a special rice cake  made of rice dough called galapong […]

Re-post: Sweet Sticky Rice with Topping ( Bibingkang Kanin)

Bibingkang kanin sweet sticky rice topped with coconut cream custard topping; it’s so yummy and I always feel like  I could eat the whole thing by myself!  It’s  one of my favorite foods and one of my earliest posts, naturally but the photo is blurred, not good at all so I thought of posting it again with much clearer photos and a […]

KCC: Suman sa Lihia

This month’s Kulinarya theme is Suman.  Suman is one of Filipino native delicacies; it’s made of sticky rice (also cassava) wrapped in banana or coconut leaves and boiled.  There are  different kinds of suman; the ones I’m familiar with are suman sa lihia, suman sa ibos ( glutinous rice wrapped in young coconut leaves) and suman sa latik – my favorite of all […]

Puto (Rice Cakes)

This post is for my paternal grandma who recently passed away. She used to make puto for me and my siblings and cousins when we were kids whenever we come for a visit. I realized now how it must have been tedious for her to make a batch of puto or anything really at the […]

Maruya (Saba Banana Fritters)

My kids like this a LOT! I’m glad that they also like the food that I love as a kid , I try to recreate some of it in my kitchen as best I can, some are easy, some are not…good thing this fritter is very easy and quick to make because my kids ask […]

Cuchinta (Kutsinta)

Cuchinta is a type of kakanin (Philippines’ native delicacies these are snacks usually made with or containing any or combination of these: coconut,coconut milk, rice flour, glutinous rice, cassava). Cuchinta is delicious and super easy to make and is almost fat free and low in calories.. I was actually surprise to find out  how simple […]

Purple Yam – YUM! (Ube Halaya)

I LOVE purple yam (or what we call ube in Filipino)  made into halaya (sweetened).   Way back when I was still  young and living in the province, I would never, ever,  pass-up any invitations on birthdays, fiestas and even weddings because I know my favorite sweets will be there, lying splendid on a buffet […]


Pichi-pichi is a pretty unusual name for a food, so much more for a kakanin. I don’t know where it got it’s name from but I like it. It sounds like pica-pica which is what pichi-pichi is in essence: a bite size snack. It is a type of kakanin which refers to the many ways […]

Cassava Cake (Cassava Bibingka)

I have been in search of a good cassava cake recipe to satisfy my craving for it. I know I can easily buy a box of it but I have this thing, I am not contented just buying treats that I like, I have to have a recipe of it to try. I have tried […]

Biko (Sweet Rice Cake)

As I have said in my last post, I did some kakanin ( Filipino sweet rice cakes/ delicacies) and this post is a continuation of that.. I’m pretty sure you (the one reading this) know about biko already and is just here looking for a recipe; but in case you haven’t heard of it yet […]

Palitaw Sa Latik (Sweet Rice Dumplings In Coconut Milk

I did a marathon kakanin “cook fest” yesterday, I made palitaw in coconut milk, biko and cassava cake. These, except for the palitaw in coconut milk are for my daughter to bring in school for their Linggo ng Kultura (Filipino Language & Culture Week). To start with I’ll give you palitaw in coconut milk. If […]