Cornmeal Yogurt Pancakes

Cornmeal Yogurt Pancakes

I have never tried using cornmeal in pancakes before and I’ve always imagined that it would not taste as good as regular pancakes because the cornmeal will affect the texture and bite but I was surprised when I tried this recipe that I found at the packaging of Bob’s Red Mill cornmeal.  The pancakes turned out soft, […]

Chicken Tikka Masala

I’ve been wanting to try this dish for a long time but I couldn’t find garam masala which is a very important ingredient for this dish. I found a recipe for it and just made my own. Chicken tikka masala originated in London in the 70’s. It was said that a customer ordered chicken tikka […]

Mango Lava Cake

Here’s another mango dessert recipe that I mentioned from my last post.  I got the idea from another food blogger, Ben of Kissing the cook.  He used apricots but since we have lots of fresh mangoes, I thought it would be a good idea to use them instead.  I used one big fresh mango and […]

Tortilla Wrap – Grilled Chicken Fillet

One of my favorite packed lunch to prepare since I learned how to make tortillas 🙂  It’s very simple, easy, healthy, delicious and very satisfying.  the usual suspects..lettuce, yogurt, onion, tomatoes and processed cheese.. ..and of course the grilled chicken fillet;  for a  more flavorful chicken, you can marinate the chicken first for at least half […]

Granola and Fruits Parfait

This is a very delicious treat for breakfast or brunch, so easy to make if you already have granola and mixed fresh fruits salad on hand. It may look like a dessert, taste like it, but it’s very healthy and very heavy in the tummy-in a good way- because it’s loaded with fibers; in fact […]