Granola and Fruits Parfait

This is a very delicious treat for breakfast or brunch, so easy to make if you already have granola and mixed fresh fruits salad on hand.

It may look like a dessert, taste like it, but it’s very healthy and very heavy in the tummy-in a good way- because it’s loaded with fibers; in fact I can only eat one serving; I normally have more than that when it comes to sweets/desserts, but this parfait like I said, fills the tummy- like any good breakfast should be.

Made with lots of good stuff- fresh fruits, nuts,oats, raisins, yogurt and honey..what’s not to like? šŸ™‚


granola, homemade or store-bought trail mix if you have it but making it yourself isn’t that hard at all
yogurt ( you may use flavored yogurt if you want)
assorted fresh fruits, diced or sliced any way you like
banana, sliced for topping ( I don’t like to mix banana with the fruits salad bec it makes the whole thing mushy if you are not careful with mixing)

This is so easy to make, kids can do this..why not let them make breakfast for once šŸ˜‰

In a goblet or any drinking glass with wide rim..layer fresh fruits salad, yogurt, granola, repeat layer then top slices of banana, drizzle with a little honey..that’s it!Ā Ā 

ā™„Thanks for reading…have a nice day!! ā™„ šŸ™‚

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