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Coffee Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs (No-Churn)

My favorite flavor:) Ground cacao nibs adds texture and deep cocoa flavor, it really complements the  intense coffee taste of the ice cream.

I don’t recommend it for kids, let’s not start them early on coffee. 😀 I didn’t let my 13-year old son have any of this because this is so good, he might start asking for a Starbucks coffee  drink. I told him to wait until he’s done growing…when he turns 18 😀

I made him strawberry ice cream instead.

whip heavy cream until firm peaks form

combine condensed milk and coffee mixture and whipped cream

fold in the ground cacao nibs

transfer to a freezer-safe container and chill for at least 4 hours

Enjoy! Don’t take too much photo like I did…or you’ll end up with an ice cream soup 😀

Coffee Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs (No-Churn)

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Course: Dessert, Sweets, Sweets and Desserts
Cuisine: American, English, Filipino
Keyword: cacao, cacao based, cacao ice cream, coffee, coffee based, coffee ice cream, ice cream
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  • Dissolve coffee powder in 1 tablespoon warm water. Put condensed milk in a bowl, add coffee.
  • Put heavy cream in the bowl of your mixer. Whip cream until firm peaks form.
  • Fold the condensed milk into the whipped cream until well combined. Add pinch of salt and ground cacao nibs and fold until evenly incorporated.
  • Transfer into a freezer-proof container; cover and chill for at least 4 hours.
  • Enjoy!
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