Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

Dinuguan is a classic Filipino dish made of pig’s intestines stewed in vinegar and pork  blood with  green chillies.  I remember my mom used to cook it to give to her boss; I haven’t actually eaten that kind of dinuguan (because I refused to), I prefer the less exotic version made with pork belly. 

In the spirit of Halloween, I dared to  make pork dinuguan for the first time even though the sight of blood scares me (I also watched a really scary ghost film..I closed my eyes and covered my ears everytime the ghosts came out..lol) ; it’s been on my list of must-try recipes and I though perfect time to do it. I felt like Sookie Stackhouse preparing a drink for Bill while I was stirring the fresh pig’s blood..lol.  But to be honest this is probably also the last time I’m going to make this dish; I like dinuguan but seeing that fresh pig’s blood was just too much for me,  I’d rather wait for my mom to come visit us again and cook it for us. :)

Here’s my version of dinuguan, it wasn’t as good as my mom’s but my husband said it was very delicious :)

 . dinuguan_pork_blood_stew_2

saute the garlic, onion and pork until browned and caramelized…


..add the vinegar..boil and don’t stir for a minute, then add water and green chillies


..when pork is tender, slowly add the blood..stir well then bring to a boil and let it reduce over medium low heat until the oil surfaces. 


Dinuguan is very good paired with puto ( rice cakes) for snack;  but we  prefer to eat it with rice. 

My mom said they call it “chocolate pork “in the States for the sake of their non-Filipino friends.  When my kids asked me what’s dinuguan, that’s what I told them too because I’m afraid they won’t even taste it if they hear the word blood. ;P

Are you daring enough to try this dish? 

DINUGUAN (Pork Blood Stew..or Chocolate Pork ^^)

This is based on what my mother taught me over the phone, she doesn’t really measure anything when she cooks, I took notes of the amount of ingredients as I made it…feel free to adjust it according to your preference and taste – Olive

500 grams pork, cut into cubes
5 garlic cloves, minced
1  onion, minced
4 green chillies
1/4 cup white vinegar
salt and ground pepper
patis, to taste ( optional)
cooking oil for sauteeing

fresh pig’s blood, about 2 cups
1/4 cup vinegar
Keep the blood in the fridge, take it out 10 minutes before you use it, then add the vinegar


Heat oil in a saucepan over medium high heat; saute minced garlic, onion, wait for the onion to become translucent then add the pork, season with salt and ground pepper; turn heat to high and stir the pork while cooking until it browns and starts to get sticky and starting to caramelize.

Lower the heat to medium then add the vinegar, bring to a boil, do not stir for a full minute. Add water, about 1 cup, then the chillies, bring to a boil then lower heat and let the pork simmer until tender, about 20-30 minutes.

Mix vinegar and blood in a bowl and slowly add this to the pork while stirring to prevent lumps. Bring to a boil again on medium low heat and let simmer until it thickens and/or when you see the oil comes out. Done! Serve with rice or puto..your choice


Happy Halloween! :)

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