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Coffee Jelly with Zabaglione

Zabaglione or Sabayon is an Italian custard sauce made with egg yolks and sugar and Marsala wine, but I like to use a bit of brandy or whisky (I love that smell.. I don’t drink except for wine so using brandy or whisky for cooking is the only way I can really enjoy them).

I think it’s perfect for coffee jelly for a simple but luscious dessert.

It’s whipped into a smooth, silky consistency, it’s actually good to eat by itself but I don’t, I usually make it for tiramisu, it’s a must. I never make it without the zabaglione.

I like to add some heavy cream to the sabayon before adding to the coffee jelly but if you are lactose-intolerant skip the cream.

For those on keto diet, I included sugar-free option in the recipe, I indicated the amount of erythritol (sugar substitute I use) and of course the heavy cream.

It’s a good way to use leftover brewed coffee, should you have any.

This is so easy to make, it’s the waiting that’s hard but you can use that time to make the zabaglione and do other stuf

Dissolve gelatin powder in room temperature coffee. Add the rest of the coffee, stir well, cover and chill in the fridge until set
To make the zabaglione/sabayon, put egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and whisk. Using double-boiler or set a the bowl over pan/pot of simmering water over medium heat
add 1-2 tbsps brandy, whisky and continue to whisk the mixture over pot of simmering water
..until mixture becomes thick and smooth and double in volume
when coffee jelly has set, slice into cubes
add cream to the zabaglione if using, and whip using whisk
Then add coffee jelly cubes and toss gently to coat.
Transfer to a container and put in the fridge and chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Coffee Jelly with Zabaglione

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Course: Dessert, Sweets, Sweets and Desserts
Cuisine: Filipino
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Servings: 3 cups
Author: Olive
Coffee gelatine with a silky Italian custard. Make it keto-friendly by using sugar substitute.
note- if you decide not to add whipping cream, use 1 tbsp less sugar for the zabaglione
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Ingredients (click ingredient to buy it)

For the Zabaglione / Sabayon

  • 3 pcs Eggs yolks
  • 4 tbsps Brown Sugar or 5 tbsps Erythritol
  • 1-2 tbsp Rum brandy or whisky / (don't worry the alcohol will dissipate in the heat)


Make the Coffee Jelly

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar in 2 cups of brewed coffee. Let it cool if it's freshly brewed.
  • Pour about half a cup of coffee mixture in a mixing bowl, sprinkle gelatin powder on top and mix until it is fully dissolve and free of lumps.
  • add the remaining coffee. Transfer to a container with cover or use plastic wrap and put coffee mixture in the fridge to set.

Make the Zabaglione /Sabayon

  • Put a little water in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat then lower heat to let water simmer.
  • Use a bowl big enough to sit on top of the saucepan. Put egg yolks and sugar in the bowl, add brandy or rum or whisky and using whisk, whip until sugar is dissolve, and continue whipping over simmering pot of water until mixture is double in volume.
  • Take off of the heat and let cool. (if not using immediately, you can keep it in a fridge, covered. Use within 2-3 days

Coffee Jelly Dessert

  • If using cream, add to the cooled zabaglione and whip using whisk for a minute. Add a dash of cinnamon if using.
  • Cut the coffee gelatin into cubes / squares and add to the zabaglione
  • Toss gently until evenly mixed.
  • Transfer to a container, cover and chill before serving if you can still wait, this is highly recommended. But feel free to enjoy your coffee jelly now and keep the rest in the fridge.
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